Here's What Happens When You Put 12 Feet of Wheel Spacer on Your Pickup Truck

Gif: WhistlinDiesel (YouTube)
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It looks like the new record for “world’s widest dually Silverado” now stands at 24 feet, because somebody with a welder and a sense of humor is committed.

This pointless and hilarious abomination made its corn-crushing debut on WhistlinDiesel, which is becoming one of my favorite YouTube channels, this week. Most of the videos on there seem to involve unholy crossbreeds of farm equipment and pickup trucks, and I am here for it.

Wheel spacers, for those of you who may be unfamiliar, are little pucks that go between a wheel and axle to make the wheels poke out further. There are various reasons to do this, namely changing the look or handling of your vehicle. A two-inch wheel spacer would be considered pretty big.

What our flannel-hatted host here has done is make a two-foot “wheel spacer” so that his Silverado could hold, sort of, what appears to be a tractor tire. Then he went ahead and mounted another four-foot “spacer” outside of that to accommodate yet another massive tire.


Impressively, the truck’s Duramax diesel is able to move all that steel and rubber enough to push the truck through some slop. But uh, as far as longevity and any sort of ability to turn, I don’t think the truck’s new configuration is too forgiving.

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The attic vent exhaust is a nice touch.