Here's What Happens When You LS Swap A Tiny Suzuki Kei Car

The Suzuki Mighty Boy is a teeny-tiny pickup made for Japan’s super-small Kei class of cars. What do you get when you swap an LS V8 engine into one? Burnouts! Burnouts for days.

This Mighty Boy named “Loopy” is the most hilariously terrifying and enticing vehicle I’ve seen in ages. It always looks like it’s about to tip over when it’s spinning around, but it has so much power in such a tiny, short-wheelbase vehicle that spinning around is what it does best.

It’s ridiculous in every possible way. I’m in love.

Naturally, this was from Australia, on a big skid pad set up for just this kind of madness. Never change, ‘Straya. Never change.

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