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Here's What Happens When A Cement Truck Falls On A BMW i8

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

California Highway Patrol says a cement truck collided with a small pickup in Newport Beach, CA this morning causing carnage across multiple lanes. The cement truck crushed this BMW i8 electric sports car as it toppled to a halt.


The OC Register says three people were taken to hospitals with serious injuries, but does not specify who was in which vehicle. Orange County Fire Authority Captain Larry Kurtz told local news that one 50-year-old man was initially assessed as “critical,” but began recovering after being taken to nearby Orange County Global Medical Center.

All three vehicles involved appear to have taken substantial damage; the i8 is essentially unrecognizable from the front.


Seems miraculous that anyone would have made it out of that vehicle at all. Here’s to a quick recovery for all involved.

And to anybody building up a BMW in the SoCal area; keep your eyes on the junkyards for a set of i8 seats? (Too soon?)


Hat tip to David! Images via Orange County Fire Authority

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