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You don’t see the enormous wings of a high-dollar hillclimb car anywhere outside of, well, a hill climb, too often. But this Audi Quattro S1 E2 built for Pikes Peak would look glorious on any track.

The more time I spend looking at this car, the more ridiculous it seems. There are just so many wings.


And there’s a lot more to this Audi than its intense aerodynamics–SpeedHunters did a whole feature on this vehicle’s build and backstory in 2017, which is worth checking out for the photos alone, and revealed that whole chassis is seam-welded and the Audi five-cylinder engine powering it has been tweaked and pretty much every conceivable way.

It looks like the driver took their time responding to the green light here, maybe they had a quick text to finish, but according to VeeDub Racing, the car ran a 10.51-second quarter-mile at 136 mph. Very, very fast. And, to me, a little bit bonkers to imagine doing in a car with an 86-inch wheelbase.


The car’s named “Ray,” reported SpeedHunters, in honor of its builder Dave Rowe’s brother, Jason Raymond Rowe, who tragically passed away at age 41. Looks like the first half of the Ray-Ban logotype is sticker’d on the Audi’s back bumper in acknowledgment of this. It’s a heck of a tribute.

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