Here's What Happens When A 12-Year-Old Steals The School Bus

(Image: Bangor Police)

“Not half bad for the first time driving a bus,” the Bangor Maine Police Department’s consistently hilarious Facebook page writes after a 12-year-old kid lived out your childhood dreams of stealing a school bus and tearing-ass down the road.


I could try and write up a witty recount of the event but I’m never going to outshine whoever’s running the keyboard over at Bangor PD’s social media department, as they reported:

“John W. St. Germain III and his girlfriend observed this young man driving a school bus and thought, ‘hey that kid is way too young to be driving a school bus.’ Common sense runs deep in a good Mainer. They followed the bus and called the police department. She gave a great description and we were on the way. The description was, big blue bus with a kid driving. We knew exactly what to look for.”

Apparently John jumped out of the car and scampered into the bus as it came to a stop toward the end of the video, taking command of the vehicle away from the kid and holding him until police could catch up and sort out the situation.

The bus thief’s details haven’t been made public because, well, he’s twelve, but I’m sure the trouble he’s in is at or above the reputation he’s just cemented for himself as the class badass.


Thankfully, nobody was injured and it doesn’t look like the bus took much damage. How the bus was commandeered in the first place remains unclear, we’ll update if we hear anything else out of Bangor.

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