Here's What Happens If You Try To Cut Off The President's Motorcade On A Bicycle

President Barack Obama was in New York City this week to join Jimmy Fallon on The Tonight Show. Moments before his motorcade cruised across Park Avenue, some apparently oblivious or brazen bicyclist thought they could “make the light” and cross before POTUS. The cops were not having it.


Before you get ready to fire up your hot take on police brutality, it seems like the officers here did exactly what needed to be done to make sure and errant obstacle didn’t slow—or, theoretically threaten—the presidential procession.

NBC New York says “the unidentified cyclist was cuffed and given a summons for disorderly conduct.”

The takeaway here is to pay attention to your surroundings, city bikers. When a street that’s normally gridlocked is devoid of cars except for lit-up police vans you’re probably going to need a new route. Besides that, the president always has right-of-way.

As for Obama’s Tonight Show appearance, you should be able to catch it this evening if you have a TV. Or likely a little later on the internet.


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