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A few years ago, Alfa Romeo was proud that it could get 237 horsepower from its 1.75-liter turbocharged four-cylinder 4C engine. Here is one from the 1970s making 600. Also, it revs to 9,000 RPM. Also it sounds amazing.

Also, it shoots fire:

Screenshot: 19Bozzy92

The car it is attached to is a wonderful Zakspeed Capri. Just the other day, the staff of Jalopnik was talking about Zakspeed for some reason I cannot remember, while we all huddled around the pellet dispenser that gives us sustenance when one of our blogs crests 200,000 views. Praise the pellet dispenser. Bless its great bounty.

These turbocharged silhouette Capris started out as 1.4s, then got bored out to 1.75. I’ve seen quoted horsepower at 460, 530, or 600 depending on what I’m reading. Whatever the figure, it was enough to win the DRM title in 1981, the precursor to DTM.

In any case, Zakspeed was the team that ran the fastest Fords in Europe after BMW hired away Ford’s main racing guru. Zakspeed’s cars were known for being some of the wildest widebody cars out there from the already wide Group 5 era of sports car sprint and endurance races.


Zakspeed did some serious engineering with its cars, enough so that it got to run Ford’s factory Group C effort in the early ‘80s (with little success) and then went on to turn that into an F1 program in the mid to late ‘80s. Other than Ferrari, it was the only team making both its own chassis and engines through most of that time.

Anyway, please enjoy this Capri running the Nürburgring, its highly-modified Cosworth BDA wailing away.

Raphael Orlove is features editor for Jalopnik.

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