Here's What 42 Years Of Love Does For A $2,000 Car

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Marvin Askew bought this Datsun 1600 in 1971, changed the oil every 2,000 miles ever since, and today it’s still nice enough to sit in a museum. Listening to this guy talk about his truck will make you want to go outside and hug your car.

Askew lived in Nashville, local to Nissan’s U.S. headquarters by happenstance. He bought this 1600 because he “didn’t want a big truck” and, obviously, had great taste. Just look at those coat-hangery bumper guards!

As you can see, Askew held on to the truck for decades fending off offers to buy it “mostly from kids who wanted to strip it down and lower it” and keeping fastidious handwritten service records.

A few years ago, car collector Dan Tito approached 80-year-old Askew with an offer he couldn’t refuse and a promise to keep the truck true to original form. When Tito finally took ownership, he facilitated the vehicle’s transfer to Nissan’s Heritage Collection and eventual display at the company’s Nashville headquarters.


Today we salute Mr. Askew for his endless devotion to this humble work rig, which we can now all enjoy as a preserved piece of automotive history. Pretty funny to hear him call the truck “so smooth down the highway,” though. Think he’s ever ridden in, like, any other car?

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Another great lesson on how things will last if you take care of them, AKA, why you can’t find pristine K-car anymore (nobody ever cared to take care of them). If an early ‘70s truck, made of thin steel, with zero rustproofing, built to what would be laughable quality tolerances today, can last that long with proper maintenance, imagine what a mid ‘90s Corolla could do with the right owner.

I say mid ‘90s, because apparently reliability has taken a downturn for most cars in recent years. Because not being able to properly pair your phone with your radio is considered a reliability issue.