The World's Best New Honda Civic Has 600 Horsepower

Photo Credit: This HPD tweet.

Honda is entering the Global Rallycross Championship! That means they’re going to race this badass Civic that will do massive jumps and have a gazillion horsepower (technically 600) and basically be the best Civic in existence at this moment.

Details are very slim at the moment. Previous reports expected Honda and Honda Performance Development to build this car themselves and today’s announcements from Red Bull GRC note that Honda is partnering with Swedish rallycross masters Olsberg to run the car. It sure does look like Olsberg is building the thing up from its shell, as they noted they were doing just such a job (withough explicitly mentioning Honda) in an earlier interview.


Olsberg are the people who built Ken Block’s early Fords and make some very, very mean cars. It’s not clear to me if Olsberg is actually constructing Honda’s Civic, or if Olsberg is just managing the race effort.

We also don’t know the tech specs of the car, but we know it has 600 horsepower, will do 0-60 in a claimed two seconds and if it doesn’t have all-wheel drive to take on the likes of Volkswagen, Ford, Subaru and not Dodge because they broke my heart when they stopped running the Dart, I would be very surprised.

UPDATE: Sure looks like Olsberg is doing the actual construction on the car. Hat tip to Hoccy!


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