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Here's The VW SportWagen Alltrack, Volkswagen's Subaru Fighter

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Meet the Sportwagen Alltrack. VW’s lifted wagon is finally coming to America.

Subaru has sort of been running away with the whole lifted wagon thing in this country, and it looks like VW is getting in on some of that action.


I mean, I think.


It’s also entirely possible that VW is just jealous of their corporate cousins over at Audi and want to produce a cut-price Allroad.

Never doubt the jealousy of the German auto industry.

In any case, this is basically just a VW Golf wagon, but 20mm extra ride height and all-wheel drive. A six-speed DSG is mandatory. We already knew that already, but you know, I felt like repeating myself.

The question is: will this car be a quality lifted wagon, or an unreliable German Subaru when it lands in the U.S. next year?


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