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Let’s be real here, Bugatti is kind of doing a shit job keeping its new supercar under wraps until an official reveal, as evidenced by all the spy shots flooding in on a weekly basis. Now we even have a great look at it’s face. And it’s... well... a Bugatti!


In this video from’s YouTube channel, we get a good look at the mean mug of the upcoming ballistic Bugatti:

I mean, it looks better than the Veyron to my eyes, at least. They seem to have managed to make the awkward “iconic” horse shoe grill look more like a gaping nose than a gaping mouth. Yea, I guess I kind of like this thing!


That is, until they throw some horrible two-tone colors on it. But with reports claiming ridiculous figures, like a zero to 60 time of somewhere close to two seconds, and a top speed of possibly maybe, I don’t know, a measly 288 miles per hour, it doesn’t have to look too good to grab your attention.

That’s not even including the price, which will be in the ballpark of $2.5 million. That’s like, an entire Lamborghini more than the Veyron’s starting price.

The Chiron laughs at your pathetic Veyron. And squints.


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