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Here's The New Battery Pack Option For The Tesla Model S

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Thanks to an update on the California Air Resource Board’s website, its been revealed (and confirmed) that Tesla will be adding a new 75 kWh battery pack option to the Model S lineup, which was supposed to be announced later this week.

The update to CARB’s website was picked up by Electrek earlier this morning, which announced a new 75 kWh battery pack for the Model S was now eligible for single occupant carpool lane certification.


A Tesla spokesperson confirmed to Jalopnik that there is in fact going to be a 75 kWh battery pack available for the Model S soon, which isn’t expected to replace the current 70 kWh entry-level battery pack. Right now there’s the P90D, 90D, and 70, which comes either in rear-drive and all-wheel drive D form.

Both the 70 and 75 kWh packs will be available for the D (all wheel drive) upgrade, with the 75 kWh pack adding $3,000 to the 70 kWh’s $71,500 base price and an additional 19 miles of range, bringing the new mileage to 259.


The 75 kWh battery pack made its debut as the new 75d base model for the Model X earlier last month, which starts at $83,000. If the shoe fits, why not throw it on to the Model S range?