Some of the best memes floating around social media at the moment are the escalating arguments of two gruff-looking motorcycle men on various topics like the Hobbits not using the Eagles to fly to Mordor, self-checkout frustrations and whether or not Garfield is actually good. But the source clip itself is insanely overdramatic.


The original clip used as the backdrop of whatever funny interaction memesters lay over top comes from an episode of the show American Choppers that aired in 2009. The original argument is between Paul Teutul Sr. and Paul Teutul Jr. over the son being a generally bad employee at their motorcycle shop, Orange County Choppers.

The meme has been around for years but has recently blown up in popularity. That’s why it’s timely to blog about.

Here’s the clip:

It’s incredible how the argument quickly escalates into things being thrown, starting with a phone, then a chair, and then just about everything else. Granted, from my weak memories of watching this show while trying to fall asleep all those years ago, it was pretty much always this overdramatic and aggressive.


But now you know the source is just as good as the memes that have followed.

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