Moto Guzzi is set to release the V9 Bobber above, as well as a second version they’re calling the Roamer V9 at EICMA next week. Oh, and they have a wee little update which brings their RSV4 superbike up to TWO HUNDRED AND THIRTY FREAKING HORSEPOWER.

The pair of V9s will be powered by an all new 850 cc air cooled, 90 degree V-Twin motor that will be shaft driven and meet Euro 4 emissions standards. Claimed torque comes in at 45 foot-pounds at 3,000 rpm, not much more than the 100 cc smaller V7’s and its 40 foot-pounds.

The bike will also get ABS standard, adjustable traction control, and a USB socket (lol). Moto Guzzi is also claiming a weight at/under 440 pounds, which puts it closer to the 410 pound Ducati Scrambler than anything from Triumph.

I’m absolutely in love with the looks of these bikes and their weird frames and flat seats. Moo Guzzi’s attempts to create a bobber actually have produced the best looking cafe/scrambler I’ve seen to date (assuming someone makes some high pipes that will fit it.


This final rumor is without much evidence, but it’s from a reputable site and is really fun to believe for the next three days until the bikes are officially revealed. is claiming the 2016 version of the Aprilia RSV4RF will come in configurations exceeding TWO HUNDRED AND THIRTY FREAKING HORSEPOWER.

Sorry, I tried to spell it normal, but spell check keeps changing it to all caps.