Here's The Deal With Hyundai's Mild Performance N Line

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The 2019 Hyundai Veloster N gave the sport compact scene something new to be stoked about at last year’s Detroit Auto Show. This year, Hyundai is following up with a mildly sporty N Line treatment for more of its models starting with the Elantra GT. here’s a breakdown of what this trim will look like.

Word about Hyundai’s N Line trim started circulating over the summer and our intel then was pre much spot on, as the package features a few small performance tweaks and some aesthetic accentuation. The press release describes the N Line as having “sporty design elements and refined powertrain/chassis upgrades to existing Hyundai products.”


If the Veloster N is between the Honda Civic Si and Type R in terms of extremeness, it sounds like the N Line is at or just below the Si. Another equivalency enthusiasts might appreciate is Audi’s S Line or BMW M Sport.


The 2019 Elantra GT N Line is basically replacing the Elantra GT Sport, and will have the same 1.6-liter turbocharged engine with 201 horsepower and 195 lb-ft torque.

Hyundai lists the Elantra N Line’s performance upgrades as:

  • Stiffer engine mounts
  • Stiffer transmission mounts
  • Stiffer springs
  • Adjustments to the front and rear stability bars
  • A new tune on the shocks
  • New calibration of the electric power steering
  • Slightly bigger brake discs

So yeah it’s not exactly a track day monster. But it also only lists at $23,400 with a six-speed manual, or $24,400 with a seven-speed dual clutch automatic. A base Elantra lists at $20,450, for your reference.


As for extra decoration, the Elantra GT N Line will get:

  • Lower front spoiler
  • Unique grill
  • Black outside mirrors and turn signals
  • 18 inch wheels with optional Michelin Pilot Sport if you order the manual transmission
  • Unique rear bumper
  • An N steering wheel with metallic spokes
  • N Line logo’d leather sport seats
  • Metal accents and leather inserts on the gearshift
  • Unique instrument cluster and panel accents
  • Red stitching and accents all over the place

The only other interesting thing the Korean automaker mentioned at its 2019 Detroit Auto Show Press conference was the fact that it will be providing financial relief for furloughed government workers who are currently making payments on new Hyundais. The company spokesperson did not go into specifics about the offer, but I appreciate the concept. (Update: Hyundai issued a press release with more details.)

The same goes for this N Line idea, too. Why shouldn’t an inexpensive getaround car be able to wear a little flair? Here are the high-resolution press pictures so you can take a closer look:


Hyundai plans to spread the N Line across a lot more of its lineup, so if you want your efficient daily driver with a little ever-so-mild spice, this could be an option.