Here's The 2015 Ford F-150 Order Guide & Options Price List

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Dealers are now officially be able to order the 2015 Ford F-150, so the order guide complete with options packages and their prices has surfaced on a few forums. You can now pretty much price out the exact truck you want, dealer hikes and incentives aside.


This guide comes to us via forum members with good reputations, and having seen it in a few places I'm confident it's the real deal.

The STX and Raptor are gone altogether, and it looks like the FX4 trim has been reduced to an off-road trim package again with skid plates and suspension.

However, you'll essentially be able to recreate the current STX truck by starting with an XL and adding the Sport Appearance Package. Starting with an XLT and adding Sport Appearance Package basically gets you today's FX4.

Start "shopping," and let us know what looks interesting!

2015 Ford F-150 Order Guide


Hat tip to Rambo on F150Online via SteveVFX4 and Jason80 on Blue Oval Forums!

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