Here's The 2020 Land Rover Defender Before You're Supposed To See It

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A new Land Rover Defender is on the way. It is apparently going to make its international debut on film in the new James Bond movie, because of course it is. Anything that makes its way onto a movie set is bound to be leaked, because people with cameras tend to end up on movie sets. And they know what to do with photographs.

This one has been making the rounds today, and the beans were spilled most recently via shedlocktwothousand on Instagram.


This off-roader appears to carry quite a lot of heritage cues from its forebears, including a large, flat hood, chunky sides, and an instantly recognizable side profile. It’s about time this big block on wheels made its way back into dealer showrooms, and I, for one, cannot wait to see them littering the streets of Hollywood.

The Defender name is important to Land Rover, from a historical and sales standpoint. It built the brand’s reputation as a king of the off road. With style and poise that can only be pulled off by the Brits, the Defender has always been ready for anything.

Watch out, G-Wagen. There’s a new chonky SUV boy in town.

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