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The wretched 2020 BMW X6 has returned, restyled and based on the updated X5 to ruin every conversation about BMWs for another model lifecycle. A beast to the eyes of ///M-thusiasts everywhere. To no real surprise, the leaked images show it’s still one ugly truck.

These three images of the new X6 apparently leaked on a random Instagram account first, according to BMW Blog, but have quickly spread to all of the forums. Boy is this thing.... something.


Let’s see what we have. There’s a quad exhaust setup and what looks like an M50i badge on the tailgate, so we’re looking at the higher performance trim until the X6 M shows up. Where the X4 got 8 Series inspired taillights, this rear treatment is a little more bulbous in its proportions, as it’s naturally larger than the X4. There is a lot going on back there.

And look at that. Full light-up fucking kidney grille. Disgusting.

While there are no photos of the interior yet, it’s almost guaranteed to just be a direct carry-over of the current X5, just with less cargo room in the back. We’ll have to wait for an official announcement to see if BMW did any tricks to the rear seats to save headroom, though.


BMW Blog reports the official debut is scheduled for today, so we’ll see more of this when the embargo drops in a few hours.

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