Here's The 2016 Cadillac XT5 Crossover Running Around Manhattan

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No, not XTS, XT5. And it’s a big deal for Cadillac, which is starving for a larger crossover SUV as that segment continues to grow and grow. Opponaut saw390 caught the 2016 XT5 completely undisguised at a photo shoot in Manhattan this morning.


What do we know about the XT5? Not a whole lot at the moment. GM Authority reported that it’s a replacement for the SRX and will use an all-new crossover platform with the familiar 3.6-liter V6, front- and all-wheel drive versions, and probably a hybrid variant.


I think it’s a sharp-looking car, and one that’s definitely needed in Cadillac’s ongoing luxury war against the Germans. We look forward to seeing more from it soon. More photos from saw390 below.

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Go ahead and jump all over me but this thing looks good. I really like the mean, evil looking grills cadillac is using these days. If anything this is a refreshing alternative to the offerings from Lexus, Mercedes, BMW and Audi.