Remember the guy who made that amazing poster of all those famous movie cars? He has a clean-line, fun style and a great eye for the character of a car? Right, him. Scott Park. Anyway, he's now made a poster of the first 88 cars you see in the BTTF series, and it's fantastic.

Even better, these 88 cars (88 for obvious reasons) are arranged, weekly, in the order they appear in the movies. Here's what he says about it:

Since this year is the 30th anniversary of Back to the Future (and the "future" from the second movie), I decided on a BTTF theme.

I was showing the movies to kids over the summer and of course I was paying attention to all of the cars. And I realized "Wow, there's a lot of cars in these movies. I bet I could do a poster with all of these cars"

So a few months, and multiple viewings of the movies later, I present 88 Miles per Hour - The vehicles of the Back to the Future Trilogy.

88 vehicles, across all three movies. From Marty's skateboard to Doc's Time Train. All in order of their appearance in the movies.

I'm that level of crazy apparently.

Yes, Scott, apparently you are.

It's not just cars, either — it's pretty much every major form of non-elevator transport: trains, horses, hoverboards, motorcycles, tanks, etc.


It's great. Here's a small version, but do yourself a favor and order a full-size one to cover up all those cracks in the drywall from where you bang your head when you're so frustrated.