Here's Some Proof That You're Wrong for All You Fools That Think Colored Tires Aren't a Great Idea

I’ve been pushing for colored tires since at least 2016. In these modern times of ham radios and soups that eat like meals and candy bars with cookie crunches, it seems insane we’re still stuck under the brutal, dark tyranny of black-only tires. If there’s anyone who disagrees with me, I submit the above photo as proof that you’re, sadly, wrong.

This is a 1928 Opel Motoclub 500, which I saw this past week at Amelia Island, and it was shown at the Frankfurt Motor Show in 1928 with those amazing red tires and matching red leather, cables, and instrument markings.


It’s a really lovely and interesting motorcycle, even beyond the red shoes. And this wasn’t just some one-off; production bikes were built and sold with those lovely scarlet rubber dinguses.

You can watch Jay Leno geek out about it back in 2012:

Also, this same bike was also fitted with rocket engines, because, remember, Fritz von Opel was kind of an amazing kook:


I can’t say that rocket motors should be an option for every car, but I think I can make an argument for colored tires, based on the Motoclub here.

For those of you still in doubt about the power of wheels of color, I hope this will give you a reason to reconsider.

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