Here's Proof Volkswagen Made A "Luxury" Beetle

When you think of a limited edition luxury car, a Volkswagen Beetle likely isn't the first vehicle that comes to mind. In fact, it might be the last.

In order to change that perception and boost slowing sales of their Beetle, Volkswagen introduced this limited edition "luxury model" in the mid 70s. After adding corduroy seats, metallic paint and a sunroof to the Beetle, it became the oddly named LaGrande Bug.

Volkswagen wasn't done yet though. In order to boost their image of true luxury they hired Zsa Zsa Gabor to say how much she loved all of the luxury touches while her mother expressed her approval of the estimated 33mpg fuel economy.


Despite the accents, the corduroy seats and the weird names, we'd say Volkswagen and their socialite spokeswomen still didn't fool many people into thinking one of the most popular utilitarian cars ever made was suddenly a limited edition luxury vehicle.

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Maxx Cracker LX

LaGrande Bug? Looks to be the same size as all the other Bugs.