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Here's Most Of The Ford Mustang-Inspired Electric SUV Before You're Supposed To See It

Illustration for article titled Heres Most Of The Ford Mustang-Inspired Electric SUV Before Youre Supposed To See It
Screenshot: AllCarNews (Instagram)

Thursday, a new teaser dropped advertising that the upcoming Ford Mustang-inspired electric SUV would debut on Nov. 17. Today, it would appear that a 3D render has leaked giving us our best idea of what to expect yet.


The 3D rendering comes courtesy of the AllCarNews Instagram account, calling the car by its long-rumored name, Mach-E, which may just be a guess, and citing “insiders” for feedback on the final design of the car.


The render’s Mustang-inspired fascia and triple-element taillights match the teasers we’ve seen for the car so far. Unfortunately, the rendering is just the shell of the car, so there’s not much else to take away from it.

Photo: Ford
Photo: Ford

Ford has previously claimed it was targeting an estimated range of 300 miles, and while it may look like a Mustang, it will be built on its own electric architecture.

While it may not be Ford’s first electric production car, it is the first product from the automaker’s $11 billion investment in shifting to EVs, and the first of 16 new Ford or Lincoln models planned to come.


It’s difficult to determine from the teasers and rendering, but the general shape is reminiscent of the Tesla Model Y, and that wouldn’t be a bad competitor to pitch an electric Ford crossover against.

We’ll learn more on Nov. 17.

Image: Ford
Image: Ford

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