Here's 'Miss Mint' While We Wait For Mint 400 Desert Race Results

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The Mint 400 desert race organizers have promised to send over the official results and epic photos of vehicles "soon," so newly crowned Miss Mint 2014 Dani Mathers of Glendale, California will just have to tide you over until then.

No race organization goes as far as The Mint 400 in promoting their "model contest" side show (do other races even have them?) and apparently there's more to being "Miss Mint" than looking good in a tiara. Contestants are also judged based on how well they "market and model The Mint 400 race." Specifically, 40% of scoring comes from "ability to promote The Mint 400 INC's products," another 40% from "general appeal as an auto sports model," and the remaining 20% is left to "public voting."


There are several more tiers the women must move through, then for the final round of judging contestants are rated on "relevance to theme (presumably desert racing)," "ability to promote the Mint 400," "general appeal as an auto sports model," and "friendliness and demeanor."

I guess that's fairly straightforward, but to be honest I had no idea there was even that much science to this kind of contest.

Ms. Mathers won $5,000, a Mint 400 photo shoot, and a lease on a Honda Civic. Over 100 women entered the contest, the eight finalists of which were voted on last week.


Images: The Mint 400

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