Here's How to Perform the Scandinavian Flick, the Ultimate Driving Trick

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Screenshot: Team O’Neil Rally School (YouTube)

The famous pendulum turn, better known as the Scandinavian Flick in rallycross, is like an impossible magic trick for driving. It involves turning right to go left, a tricky balance of the throttle and even some left foot braking, and it’s great if you can pull it off, and probably disastrous if you can’t.


Lucky for you, Team O’Neil Rally School is here with another helpful video to get you started on the right foot. We’ve also written about our own attempts at learning the legendary maneuver multiple times, if you’re serious about doing you’re homework before giving it a shot.

It obviously helps to be on a loose surface in something with some inherent rallying ability and all-wheel drive, but it also works out pretty well with getting a front-wheel drive car around a tight corner, too.


But as the video warns, it’s not very likely that many of you will take the care and patience to understand everything it takes to pull off a flick before giving it a try. Nor will any of you find a safe place to practice to get it down.

Please don’t end up in a ditch.

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You are single-handedly responsible for 75 WRX’s crashing this weekend after fellow Jalop’s will attempt the flick.