Out of the turkey coma? Good. Time to hit the garage then. A nitrous system is easy horsepower and David Freiburger from Hot Rod is here to show you exactly how to install one.


There's that moment in life when you go to the bathroom, wash your face, look into the mirror, take a deep breath and say the following out loud:

I need NOS. I need NOS! My car topped out at 140mph this morning. I need one of the big ones.


Freiburger's '67 Crusher Camaro has a 427 cubic inch Mast LS7 with around 700 horsepower in it, which makes this yellow beauty a sub-ten second car already. But of course he wants to go into the low nines, and that's where nitrous comes in.

NOS' direct-port nitrous injection system is not as complicated as you might think. Being a 'dry system', you just need to drill the intake, put the nozzles into each runner, bend the hardline, sort of the electronics, put together the remaining bits and adjust the engine management to maximize the power output.

Well, okay, you also have to change the gearing. And the gearbox, in case yours is too weak to take about 900 hp. That's probably a yes.

I only have one question after all this. Freiburger, how much more can get out of my 48 horsepower powerhouse?


About 70 would be mint!

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