Here's How Pagani Restores A Zonda

Photo: Youtube/Pagani
Photo: Youtube/Pagani

The Pagani Zonda is famous for being an absolutely unhinged AMG V12-powered track car with seemingly dozens of “Final Editions.” Pagani sought to preserve this legacy by announcing a program by the name of Pagani Rinascimento. It’s a program that seeks to restore early Zondas in painstaking detail.

Accompanied by an emotional orchestral score, the video detailing the restoration depicts workers looking longingly at carbon fiber parts. Pagani is sparing absolutely no expense when it comes to restoring a car. They are using original molds and parts from the first few runs of the Zonda nearly two decades ago. After the restoration is complete, Pagani will give the owner a book detailing every step.


That level of detail shouldn’t be a surprise for a car that costs several million dollars at retail. But on the other hand, at what point is it too soon for a car to undergo a full restoration?

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Restoration on a car that probably hasn’t had it’s first tire change yet.