Let’s talk Aston Martins for a second. They’re beautiful cars, right? So they should be treated with the utmost care, right? We’re all in agreement. Did no one give the shipping company this information?

Aston Martin DIYer Richard Seidlitz ordered this red V8 Vantage as a project car. The video was shot by someone overseeing the loading. The loading in question involved stalling it multiple times and crunching the car’s underside, which you will feel in your soul when it happens.


The video’s caption asserts that this isn’t even the first attempt, it’s the second!

This is the second attempt of the driver loading the car. First attempt had worse angle of ramps and no blanket on them and front bumper started to scrape/bind badly.

Check front lip and side skirts when you receive the car for damage.

Driver did notice a scratch on the front bumper that was unknown to me and must of happened when car was last driven on Sunday through a wash.

Take a look and be warned—the video... isn’t the best. Just focus on the sad things going on in it.

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