Here's How Much Cars Have Changed Since The Last Time The Cubs Won A World Series

That deafening sound of shock and surprise coming from Chicago was the result of something that happens so infrequently it makes the coming of Halley’s Comet look like a Maserati’s trip to the shop: the Chicago Cubs won the World Series. Just for fun, let’s compare the most-sold cars in America from the Cub’s two most recent World Series victories.

The two most recent Cubs World Series victories are this year, of course, and the one right before this one, a mere 108 years ago, back in 1908. This year, the most popular car in America is, for better or worse, the Toyota Camry.


Back in 1908, it’s a little less clear which car was the most sold, since the whole large-scale selling of automobiles was still pretty new, and records weren’t really all that meticulous. Still, we can make a decent guess: I think the biggest seller was the Ford Model S.

Just to be clear how long it’s been since the Cubs won, note that the best selling car is a Model S, which those of you with bachelor degrees or higher may realize is the letter before T. That’s right, the Cubs’ losing streak is older than the Model T.

Well, it’s really about the same age, because the Model T was released in October 1908, and in that year they sold two. What they sold a lot more of were various versions of the Model S, and I’m calling that our best seller for the last time the Cubs won.

So, let’s compare these two best-selling cars of Cubs victory years, now in handy chart format.


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