Here's How Ford Chops Up A Mustang To Park On The Empire State Building

Back in 1965, Ford parked a Mustang convertible on the top of the Empire State Building. In 2014, Ford is doing it again, piece by piece.


They start with a PMY 2015 Mustang GT convertible, then they send it to Michigan's DST Industries to chop it into six major slices and many, many more little components. Why? The elevator that's taking the car to the 86th floor of what once was the world's tallest building has an entrance only 36 inches wide.

The car comes back together on a custom frame that all the pieces get bolted onto. Bolting is key, as the crew has just five hours to get the car up and reassembled.

Here's Ford's video, which is worth a watch just to see their crew sawing into a Mustang so new that you can't even buy yet.

Oh, and why didn't they helicopter the car into place? That huge spire on the Empire State Building, designed for parking blimps, incidentally, makes things too hairy.

The car will be on display on the Observation deck on Wednesday the 16th and Thursday the 17th. That night, the crew returns and takes the car apart for the last time and brings it back down to ground level.


Big Block I-4

So why don't they use a fucking blimp?