Here's How Easy It Is To Make A Bus

It is very easy to make a bus out of almost anything apparently

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Screenshot: Twitter

Billionaires have spent their fortunes trying to “solve” the issue of vehicle congestion and mass transportation in the U.S., but they are often mocked for ignoring current systems that work and are affordable for everyone, like a bus line.


While Elon Musk is digging tunnels specifically designed to take his other company’s electric vehicles one at a time, pitched as a solution to traffic congestion and an alternative to practical solutions like light-rail or carpool and bussing lanes and routes, the guy in the clip below figured out a solution with a log and some basic engineering.

If buses work, why fix what isn’t broken? It’s not like it’s hard to design a vehicle to carry multiple people. This old clip that I’m sure has been on the internet for years, really drives home just how simple a transportation solution can be to still be practical:

If you’ve seen the clip before, it’s possible it was reportedly featured on ESPN’s Highly Questionable show according to some of the replies on Twitter, but I couldn’t find a copy of that online. Then again, it’s hard to know exactly how to phrase what I’m looking for with a video like this.

But look at that! It’s just a piece of wood with two wheels, a motor and some handlebars. And now the guy with an eye patch can carry all of his friends around with no problem, at low cost and even with a great view of the city’s vistas as the Pole Express runs its routes.

Unfortunately I have struggled to find out more about this video and the contraption it features. I’ve searched many variations of “eye patch pole car” and “genius transportation solutions eye patch” and came up with very little information that was helpful.

Regardless, the clip proves you can make not just a car out of anything, but a truck, van, bus or whatever if you just stop listening to billionaires tricking you into offering more money (and don’t mind crotch splinters).



Everyone doing the Flinstone’s stoppie at the end is priceless.

And for some reason I can’t shake, the only words that immediately popped in my head was “This SLAPS”.