Here's How Awesome A DeTomaso Pantera Would Look In Back To The Future

Imagination - it's the thing that's gets extruded from children with every Best Of Honey Boo Boo marathon. It's also the thing that allows a person to come up with absolutely mind-blowing artwork, like this impossibly detailed image of a menacing Back To The Future time machine, restyled as a DeTomaso Pantera.

Let's take a closer look at the car.


At the back, we have the telltale vents arranged as sleek gills, with the words "What the Flux" on one side, with a distinct lack of Mr. Fusion. The license plate has the BTTF logo, which could mean that Marty has stepped into an alternate universe where he is now self-aware, or at the very least, breaking the fourth wall.

At the side, we have airless tires that certainly would be a futuristic staple, with the front wheels having a different, strengthened design. Could this mean an all-wheel drive system? Also notice the massive side-exit exhaust coming from back to front. I imagine that there isn't much real estate in the back, what with all the time travelin' malarky goin' on - and there will be a lot of it - since the Ford V8 in this Pantera isn't a anemic pushover like the PRV V6 in the original Delorean and you wouldn't need a half-mile head start to get to 88 miles per hour.

This amazing photoshop work was made possible by Khyzyl Saleem, a supremely talented artist in the UK. You can check out the rest of his work here, there is plenty more of it. Also like him on Facebook because holy hell, his stuff is awesome.


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