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Harry Metcalfe, the exceptionally knowledgable and charming host of Harry’s Garage, has a background in farming, so it’s only natural that he transitions us from lovely reviews of supercars to rather large and intimidating farm equipment, like a combine harvester.

Harry takes you through the path of the grain as it travels through the busy machinery of the “big capacity” combine, through various knives, crushers, and sieves, all of which is powered by a 9-liter turbo intercooled diesel engine producing around 360 horsepower, with a three-speed gearbox.


And then following his usual layout, he takes the combine for a spin through the field.

It’s speed limited to 25 kph, but even at just around 15 mph it’s comical watching Harry bounce around as he pilots it down the road, so I can’t imagine it being very manageable going any quicker.

It’s a fascinating walk-around of an impressive piece of farm equipment, all with the usual detail and explanation. I wonder if he’s ever tried to get Jaguar-Land Rover to SVR his combine.

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