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Here's Everything Tom Cruise Has Crashed In The Mission: Impossible Movies

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

The trailer for Mission: Impossible Fallout, the sixth (sixth!) installment of what’s become a body horror franchise, dropped during the Super Bowl last night and it exclusively features Tom Cruise continuing to prove to all of us his crazy personal hobbies have made him invincible by doing his own stunts.

Check out the new trailer:

Let’s now review everything else Cruise has crashed in the previous FIVE Mission: Impossible movies.


Mission: Impossible

  • Tom Cruise crashes through the aquarium of a restaurant after throwing dynamite gum onto the wall.
  • Tom Cruise jumps from a French bullet train onto a helicopter in a tunnel, sticks dynamite gum to the windshield, and then explodes himself back onto the train as the helicopter crashes behind him.

Mission: Impossible II

  • A man wearing a Tom Cruise mask causes a plane to crash into a mountain after gassing the pilots and jumping out with suitcase holding a deadly virus.
  • Tom Cruise crashes a Porsche Boxster into an Audi TT in a weird “the cars are actually dancing” sequence on the edge of a cliff.
  • Tom Cruise jumps off of a motorcycle to kick another guy who jumped off of a motorcycle, and the motorcycles crash.

Mission: Impossible III

  • Tom Cruise crashes through a window and into the middle of the street, causing the cars in the street to crash.
  • Tom Cruise shoots a predator drone out of the sky with a rifle, causing it to crash into a bridge.
  • Tom Cruise crashes the bad guy’s face into an oncoming truck.

Mission: Impossible Ghost Protocol

  • Tom Cruise crashes his body through a hundred-and-something story window of the world’s tallest building.
  • Tom Cruise jumps out of a BMW 6 Series he stole in the middle of a sand storm, which flips a bunch and almost lands on top of him.
  • Tom Cruise crashes a BMW 1 Series by driving it off of an elevated parking platform at least 20 stories below to deactivate a nuclear missile.

Mission: Impossible Rogue Nation

  • Tom Cruise spins a BMW M3 sideways in a alley, crashing into two motorcycles.
  • Tom Cruise drives a BMW M3 backwards down some stairs, causing it to awkwardly flip end over end before crashing down on its roof.
  • Tom Cruise crashes his motorcycle into another motorcycle, causing it to explode off of the side of a cliff.
  • Tom Cruise jumps off of his motorcycle, causing it to crash.

Mission: Impossible Fallout (So Far)

  • Tom Cruise crashes a BMW into someone on a motorcycle.
  • Tom Cruise crashing his motorcycle into a car.
  • Tom Cruise crashes his unbroken ankle into a wall which breaks his ankle.
  • Tom Cruise crashes some guy through a bathroom wall.
  • Tom Cruise crashes the same guy through a bathroom mirror.
  • Tom Cruise crashes a big van into a lake or something with another big van.
  • Tom Cruise maybe crashes a helicopter into a big truck.

It really does seem like the latest movie really ups the amount of Tom Cruise crashes. I left out a really easy joke about Tom Cruise crashing his life with his crazy Scientology practices, at least until now. I’m still excited for this movie, though, which comes out July 27.