Here's Every Cool Thing We Could Find In The 2018 VW T6 California Camper Van

The “new VW bus” is real, and it’s spectacular. It’s just not for sale in America. But that didn’t stop Volkswagen from calling its new camper the “California” and letting us live in one for a couple days. So check out all the amazing toys and gadgets that are in this van-sized mobile house.

We’ll soon post a whole review about what this new T6 camper is like to drive and live in, but I had a feeling you’d be more interested in seeing just how many special features and space utilization tricks are in this thing. And there are a lot. Enough for a whole video, in fact. Which I hope you watched.


Watch it, already! I had to spend an entire 48 hours packed into this vehicle with Jason to get you this glorious content. And you know what that means–almost 46 hours of listening to him pontificate on how many canned hams he could hide in the van’s copious storage compartments.

The T6 California isn’t a small vehicle, but it sure seems modestly proportioned considering how many goodies are packed into it. Going from front to back: it’s got a swiveling passenger seat, a sink, a stove, a fold-out table, a rear bench seat that turns into a bed, a roof that expands to make a sleeping loft, and just wait until you see the closet that Jason fits his entire body in.


We’ve been clamoring for a “new VW bus” since, shoot, when was the last time you could buy a VW van in America? And no, the Routan does not count. That adds a little sting to how much we loved the T6, which sure seems like it’d sell well here in the age of hashtag van life and the glorification of adventure travel.

I guess if you’re going to sell everything and move onto the road, it wouldn’t be that much harder to start in Europe where these vans are actually for sale. But still, we need more of these Stateside. And I think you’ll agree after you take the tour.



Did they give any rationale as to why they wouldn’t bring it to the US?