Here's Elon Musk Ragging On The Media Again, Which His Company Admits It Needs

Photo: Evan Vucci (AP)

Elon Musk, of Tesla fame, is back on his bullshit about the media today. The latest idea—from the man who just recently invented the subway—is this: a website where the public can rate the credibility of journalists and publications. Cool.

Musk has been on a tear over the last 48 hours, lambasting “big media” as clickbait whores who’d do anything to paint Tesla in a negative light. Which isn’t unusual, but whatever. Roll tape:


I can’t emphasize how little Musk’s dumb website would define me, but whatever.

As we’ve said before, his understanding of journalism is on par with Donald Trump, and he’s pouting about critical reporting of his currently-struggling company, despite being very aware of how crucial media coverage is to his company.


How crucial? From the company’s latest annual report:


Jeez, a curious reader might consider, maybe he enjoys baiting reporters like this? Anyone with access to a computer could find reams of stories showering Tesla with praise, from the very publications he lambasts, too. That doesn’t benefit his narrative, but a stupid website where the public could weigh in on the credibility of reporters would.

Whatever the case, he’s earning praise from very reliable and credible fans as a result:


Whether or not he’s going to make it, though, who knows. I asked Tesla for comment and haven’t heard back yet. But for what it’s worth, intrepid Economist reporter Mark Harris realized an agent for Musk registered Pravda last year in California:


I’m tired.

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*Looks at Ryan Felton’s past 10 articles*

7 out of 10 of them are lambasting Tesla/Elon/Autonomous Driving

I’m not an Elon fan by far, but the amount of bias from this reporter is insane. It’s like Musk killed his firstborn child or something.

Whenever I see Ryan Felton’s name on a Jalopnik article, I immediately skip it. I enjoy Jalopnik for its reporting, not opinion screaming.