Here's An Odd But Lovely Little Video Of Ford GTs Testing

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A reader named Michael was riding his bicycle–I Googled that, it’s like a motorcycle that uses a human as an engine– over Monarch Pass in Colorado, when he saw this: a pair of Ford GTs in the wild, matte grey, involved in some sort of testing.

He took this tiny video of the cars. And, sure, it’s not like we’re learning anything new here– we know what the Ford GT looks like, after all. But, if you think about it, pretty soon, scenes like this will be almost impossible to find.


Ford’s not going to build any production GTs in matte olive-drab paint, running on black wheels. Seeing any two Ford GTs driving together will be pretty rare, let alone two driving around on muddy back roads.

These cars look like a pair of military-spec Ford GTs from some alternate reality where instead of developing a new off-roader to replace the Hummvee, the US armed forces decided it would be much more fun to move troops around two at a time, really fast, and on relatively smooth roads. Showing up at a battle looking awesome is the new victory, they decided.

Anyway, enjoy.

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One of these prototypes had been parking at my apartment complex several nights a week all summer long. Turns out it was driven by a college intern who was tasked with gathering data for cold start engine calibration. The only thing i did as a summer intern was clean stuff and surf the internet. What a lucky bastard.