Here's An Explanation Why The Citroen DS Is So Great

Welcome to Sunday Matinee, where we highlight classic car reviews or other longer videos I find on YouTube. Kick back and enjoy this blast from the past.


All you young whippersnappers out there may be wondering why old Jalops love to frequently reminisce about the glories of the Citroen DS. You may wonder what's so great about some old car, some French car, some weird car with only two letters to its name. Well, wonder no more.

Continuing our Bastille Day theme, it helps to understand exactly why the Citroen DS is so great. The reason is quite simple – it was so far ahead of its time. It didn't hurt, either, that it was gorgeously styled by Bertone, ahem, Bertoni, and it's probably one of the most comfortable cars ever made.


But why listen to some old Jalop explain it? Let old James May help you out instead in this old Top Gear (not Old Top Gear) clip.

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Listen, I don't where the hell all this love for the old DS is coming from all of a sudden, but we had a CX in the 80's and it was a complete piece of shit. It was ugly, had weird ergonomics, and cost a fortune to fix. Once some stupid suspension component broke (it had that adjustable leveling system) and it had to be sent all by boat to the main Citroen dealer in Athens to fix - it was out of commission for an entire summer. I can only imagine how much worse the DS was. It was replaced with an Audi 80 (1.6 L NA engine) that was leagues better in every way.

I get being nostalgic for older cars, but working ourselves into a froth over the same five cars (that goes for the 80's 911s and early 90's 3 series) for the sake of nostalgia is a bit misleading to those that never had the "opportunity" to experience some of those cars. They weren't all that amazing, sorry.