Look—we all know we’re weird. Some of us are just easier to group than others. It can be pretty hilarious watching just how accurate a basic list of your stereotypical car guys can be, from the guys perpetually shopping for a sweet Z to the one who thinks his Mustang is special.

And lucky for us, Yammie Noob is back with another hilarious video, and he even gives Jalopnik a killer-sick shoutout. Thanks, Noob.

His list reads:

  • 20-something Lamborghini guy
  • GT-R YouTuber
  • E30 dude (gets the Jalopnik shoutout—funnily enough, our basic-ass Editor-In-Chief just bought an E30)
  • Russian Audi dude
  • Big-ass lifted truck dude, come at him
  • No-car dude. Totally gonna go buy that S2000 reaaaaal soon
  • 5.0 guy, the dime-a-dozen crowd-killer

Why is this so accurate?