Here's All Of The Hilariously Basic Car Guys You're Likely To Come Across

Look—we all know we’re weird. Some of us are just easier to group than others. It can be pretty hilarious watching just how accurate a basic list of your stereotypical car guys can be, from the guys perpetually shopping for a sweet Z to the one who thinks his Mustang is special.


And lucky for us, Yammie Noob is back with another hilarious video, and he even gives Jalopnik a killer-sick shoutout. Thanks, Noob.

His list reads:

  • 20-something Lamborghini guy
  • GT-R YouTuber
  • E30 dude (gets the Jalopnik shoutout—funnily enough, our basic-ass Editor-In-Chief just bought an E30)
  • Russian Audi dude
  • Big-ass lifted truck dude, come at him
  • No-car dude. Totally gonna go buy that S2000 reaaaaal soon
  • 5.0 guy, the dime-a-dozen crowd-killer

Why is this so accurate?

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Where’s the flat-brimmed hat wearing, energy drink slamming guy who uses the term ‘bro’ or ‘brah’ to start or finish every sentence Subaru WRX owner?