Here's Alain Prost In A Bathtub, For Some Reason

Ayrton Senna was shilling everything from motor oil to Hondas back in the day, but that doesn't mean his arch-rival, Alain Prost, wasn't shilling anything. Here, he is apparently shilling for soap-on-a-rope. I think.


My high school French notwithstanding, I'm still not sure of what's going on. Alain Prost was a Formula One driver known as "The Professor," "Midas" is a widely-known chain of service centers, "Des hommes de métier" can loosely be translated as "tradesmen," though that could be wrong, and "soap" is something Alain Prost apparently likes to play with when he's in a bathtub while someone films him.

I am a bit concerned as to why Prost doesn't notice the camera until the very last second, and even then only effuses the most mild expression of surprise, as if this sort of thing, someone filming him in a bathtub, happens quite frequently.

So we have to get a translation of the voiceover, then. I can make out something about "Midas," "performance," and "so," but, like I said, high school French. Did I mention it wasn't my strongest subject?

So Team Jalop turned to a former Jalop, Micheline Maynard, who really does speak French, and could provide a translation.

It's a joke about going off the track. Hahahaha. But it doesn't translate into English precisely.


Well then. I'm just going to assume that whenever The Professor went off track, it's because someone squeezed him the wrong way.

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