Here's A Very Stupid Bicycle

 All images via PG
All images via PG

Okay. I’m pretty sure this is rock bottom.

Boats and yachts I get, because you could theoretically include the car’s engine to power the thing. This is a bicycle. A fucking “special urban” bicycle WHICH! I might add, is not even intended to be used on public roads, reads the website. Well, then, what the fuck good is it?

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From what I can gather, the only thing the Bugatti bicycle has in common with the car is that it has Bugatti design elements (??), is 95 percent made from carbon fiber and has a Bugatti logo on it.


Sure, it’s super light at five kilograms, or about 11 pounds, but if High Snobiety’s pricing of $39,000 (*spit take*) per bike is to be believed, you can take those fancy handlebars and get the fuck out. I don’t care if they’re only making 667 of the things.

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If I see you on this bike, I may hit you with my car.

Clarification: A spokesperson for PG, the company that makes the bike, reached out with the following:

The bike is meant to be used, of course! But because we are selling this bike worldwide, and each country has different laws regarding bicycle specifications (reflectors, lights, etc.) we need to add this sentence, to make sure, that we can’t be liable, for example, if anyone drives without reflectors in Germany.

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