If you love cars with turbochargers, slightly open roofs, and rear windows you can do a line of coke off, then you need to meet the Scion FR-S T1, a turbocharged targa-topped FR-S with a louvered rear window and no shot of ever being built. This is incredible.

The FR-S in question has been built for SEMA by Cartel Customs. They've made an all steel widebody for it, put on some multispoke 19-inch forged wheels, thrown on a GReddy turbo, a new exhaust, big Wilwood brakes, a KW coil over suspension, and a new stereo... because this is a tuner car.

Now, forget the appearance stuff like the paint and fiddly wheels. But just look at this and imagine driving down the road in an FR-S with turbo power, slightly less roof, and a cool as beans louvered LOUVERED rear window.


If you were in Miami in 1988 and this rolled by, you'd run your white suit right over to this neon beacon of future excellence just to rub your hands repeatedly on the louvered window and pretend they're little finger steps for you to run up and down.

Of course, Scion won't be building this car for series production. So now this car sucks.