That Hillclimb Monsters video seems to rip some footage from a couple different YouTube accounts so here is one of the originals:

And here’s an onboard from the Luderscher’s own channel:

Also, yes there’s a motorcycle-swapped Trabant on there. Good shit.

I did a quick google of the guy and turned up this introduction he sent when entering the RAV4World forums:

Some info:
The engine is a 3sgte from MR-2 2. gen. turbo.
The gearbox is factory rav4, it 100% comptible with 3sgte.
This is a ‘96 RAV4 3 doors.
We made bilstein suspension and changed some parts.
The car is lowered more than 15 cm.
Brakes now are factory rav4


Ah, so it’s not just a powerful swap, but an easier one than I expected. I figured getting the engine to fit the drivetrain would be a completely custom job, but maybe not. Remind me not to buy a RAV4.