Rolls-Royce is currently building a limited edition of 35 Phantom Drophead Coupé Waterspeeds commemorating four times water speed record breaker Sir Malcolm Campbell. Here's one from the assembly line.

Donald and Joe Wales, the grandson and great grandson of legendary speed chaser Malcolm Campbell visited the Goodwood factory recently to take a look at the Bespoke Department's latest creation honoring their family, the Drophead Waterspeed.


The car was inspired by the Blue Bird K3 powerboat, and features a Maggiore Blue finish named after the lake on the Swiss-Italian border where Campbell broke the United States' five year strangle-hold on the waterspeed records in 1937, using the power of a Rolls-Royce R aeroplane engine.

The Drophead Watersport's steel deck takes over 80 hours to hand brush, whilst the coachline, complete with the Bluebird motif takes four hours to hand-apply using a squirrel hair brush. As with all bespoke Rolls-Royces, a number design features are unique to this series and will never be used again to keep it that way.


With all that in mind, please excuse me for my terrible pictures. They really don't do it any justice. My lens gave up on me, I only had a few moments with the car and it was dark. But you get idea, and the official pictures are coming soon anyway.

Photo credit: Máté Petrány/Jalopnik and AP Images