Here's A Porsche 959 For Sale For $1.2 Million On, Uh, Craigslist

All image credits: Craigslist

Craigslist, for all intents and purposes, is a great place. It’s where you can find sketchy new roommates, put out feelers for used vacuum cleaners and perhaps flip that lawnmower you stole from you neighbor for cash real quick. And, apparently, it’s a place where you can find used Porsche 959s!

I’m in slight disbelief myself, but I Googled the VIN number from the listing and found the car on a Christie’s listing from 2004. It is real, I guess! Since then, the car appears to have moved from the UK to Portland, Oregon, according to the Craigslist seller. The full listing reads:

1988 Porsche 959 Comfort, Metallic Silver with Burgandy-Silver-Gray leather interior. 6323 miles in original unrestored condition. Complete with all books, manuals, car cover, first aid kit, factory service manual and tools.

This is the EX-Patrick collection 959 from the UK. Before coming to the US it went through Porsche Classic in Germany and was serviced to the tune of nearly $100k.

A Porsche 959 would be a great addition to any extensive car collection. Only 337 were built ‘86-’88 plus the 6-8 more that were built in 1992-3.


The seller wants $1.2 million dollars for the 959 and, thankfully, doesn’t specify cash-only. So, uh, if you have over a million dollars lying around and you’re poking around Craigslist for something to blow it on, here’s an option.

And just look at these seats!


(h/t to Tim!)

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