Photo Credit: Saab (RIP)
Photo Credit: Saab (RIP)

All of you Saab people, all you want is to talk about Saabs, and talk about Saabs, and moan how you can’t buy new Saabs. Well, here’s a picture of a Saab for you all to stare at if it makes you happy.


Saabs are so good! Saabs are so weird! Saabs had turbos! Saabs are what interesting architect people drive! All I ever hear from you Saab people.

I don’t really get any of it. It’s just an old Swedish car. They were kind of weird at first, but then they just sort of became nice, ordinary, upper-middle class vehicles. Drive a later Saab and it feels like, uh, a car. A car with a nice turbo and some surprisingly glossy wood on the dashboard, but still like a normal car.

A vintage Saab, sure, they’re really nice. I’ve driven a rally-spec 96. It was fantastic. Is that enough for an obsession? Maybe! I don’t even want to know. Hopefully this picture satiates you if you’re one of those people.

Raphael Orlove is features editor for Jalopnik.

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