With one of the most historic car cultures on earth, Germany is a hotbed for automotive goodness, and their museums are incredible. Here’s a look at four of them: Porsche, Audi, BMW and Mercedes.

My family lives near Nürnberg, so this winter, I spent quite a lot of time eating Rahmschnitzel and Spätzle. But when I wasn’t fattening myself with delicious German delicacies, I was traveling to car museums to nab photos for you, the greatest audience in all of internet-dom.

Prepare yourselves for seriously Schöne Autos.

Porsche Museum (Stuttgart, Baden-Württemberg):

Mercedes Museum (Stuttgart, Baden-Württemberg):

BMW Museum (Munich, Bavaria)

Audi Museum (Ingolstadt, Bavaria)

Photos by author. BMW & Audi from 2013.

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