Here's A Neat Ambient Backcountry Soundtrack To Make Quarantine Feel More Outdoorsy

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Photo: Nitto Tire
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Nitto Tire must be on a creative marketing kick because, in addition to that batch of 360-camera trail ride videos, we now have a set of SoundCloud tracks featuring ambient recordings from off-road trips posted by the company. Actually, they’re really nice to listen to!


Today I’ve enjoyed this batch of audio recordings Nitto’s had composed and uploaded. Close your eyes, open a window, put this on, and it kind of, almost, feels like you’re out in the backcountry enjoying nature.

Or at least, it’s a reminder of how nice it is when you can choose to be outside the confines of a domicile.

As soon as travel restrictions are lifted, I’m loading up my Montero and rolling out to somewhere I can hear these sounds for real. But for now, these sound clips bring the car camping vibes into the office a little bit.

This “forest” one is my favorite. I like the subtle creature sounds.

This one’s kind of like an off-road ASMR, if that could be a thing. You get to hear some rolling-over-rocks noises which is fun.


This one is just kind of nothing, and then there’s a weird horn in there towards the end. But you might like it!


Who can forget that classic song, uh, “driving through a river!”


This one has great engine and sand-smooshing sounds.


On one hand, the fact that this is as close to overlanding as we might be getting for months is a real bummer. But at least there’s enough media like this to paw through while we think back to how good we had it pre-quarantine.

If anybody knows where to find more of these, by the way, please drop them in the comment section because the day is long and my neighbors are loud. Much obliged!

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