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Here's A Horribly Bootlegged Chunk Of The Grand Tour [Update: No]

Illustration for article titled Heres A Horribly Bootlegged Chunk Of iThe Grand Tour/i [Update: No]em/em

We’re all excited for the rebirth of Top Gear that’s not really Top Gear, but, really, is more Top Gear than Top Gear. Of course, we mean the Holy Non-Pep Boys Triumverate’s new Amazon show, The Grand Tour. Here’s a preview of what at first we thought was the show, then realized was the trio’s live show, illicitly recorded from some outdoor preview showing. UPDATE: Different show.


UPDATE: THIS PREVIOUSLY MISIDENTIFIED THE SHOW AS THE GRAND TOUR. I’m a fool. We’re all fools here. This seems to be from a showing of Clarkson, Hammond and May Live.

Now I remember why we all loved the old Top Gear so damn much. Here’s more bootleggery goodness:

Chances are these videos will be taken down quite soon, so drink it in as quickly as you can. In this segment, they’re pitting an AMG, ‘Vette, and 911 against each other, and making a glorious mockery of bad, half-assed car journalism. It’s fun, in that old way you remember so fondly.


And, just for the record, we’re not hosting these, we didn’t record these, we had nothing to do with the bootleggery at all. I’m just pointing them out to you, like a helpful pal.

Cool? Cool.

MORE UPDATE: Thanks to the commenters who posted that this was from the Clarkson, Hammond, and May Live show that was out before. We got excited, and made an error. I’ll ask forgiveness, and blame it on my distraction from my bee-stung hand.

See, I got stung by a bee this weekend and my hand is like a basketball with sausages stapled on it. It itches. Oh god it itches. And it’s distracting, and now all of you are the victims.

I’ll make it up to you, somehow.

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