Here's a Good Idea: Put Absolutely Tiny Wheels on a Huge Lifted Truck

By “good idea” I mean “thing you should never do if you value your safety and the wellbeing of those around you.” But, you know, it looks hilarious.


For this we have YouTuber Bug BMX to thank, who replaced the terrible, no good, awful, hideous, despicable, repellant, vile, wretched, accursed, wrong, bad, gross, honestly gross, I’m sorry, bad again, double bad, real bad, oof, ick large wheels on his lifted Ram.

In their stead went good, wonderful, great, wow, honestly a breath of fresh air, nice, quality, charming, sweet, cute, fresh, quirky, cool, wonderful again, super, fantastic, nice nice, mmm, good, good one more time little wheels on that big ol’ truck.

The wheels in question appear to be what we in the car world would call 12 inch steelies, but the truck world recognizes them for their full 21 inch diameter, tire included. It’s just enough to keep the rear differential pumpkin off the ground.

The problem is that the trailer wheels and tires are for a five-lug vehicle, and to get them to fit, Bug has to cut them for four-lug. In a spirit of not-giving-a-shit, he gets the job done with a plasma cutter, which quickly leads to the wheels making some very distressing popping noises as it drives around, the several thousand pounds of tall boy pickup pressing down on them.

But the truck works in that it doesn’t instantly crumple. I myself love it, just keep it the hell away from me.

Raphael Orlove is features editor for Jalopnik.



And make sure to park it next to this: